The three cogs of the sales machine

At the last Stratégies PME conference, I had the opportunity to give a presentation I called “Building the Ultimate Sales Machine”. In it, I talked about the three key components of a successful sales team. This chronicle provides a broad outline of my talk.

The ultimate sales machine is the sum of various parts that work together to optimize the sales team’s efforts. Its briefest expression is: Methodology + Tool + Engagement.


A shared methodology is a key element that provides many benefits, including sharing the same sales language, measures and strategies. No need to reinvent the wheel: there are many different methodologies and sales processes; in fact, I delve deeper into this in my chronicle “Sales methods powered by a CRM tool”.


Using a business solution to support the sales team’s processes and activities allows users to prioritize their tasks and activities, and to track and measure their progress and success. A quick Google search yields over 200 CRM solutions on the market. Which to choose? Where to start? And most of all, how to ensure success and reduce the risks associated with the implementation of CRM solutions?

I believe that the best way to go is all out, to jump right into the CRM deep end in order to reap the benefits as quickly as possible. Start with a vanilla solution with basic processes and features that will allow your sales team to acclimatize. Choose an experienced partner that is familiar with your situation and can provide you with the necessary guidance to keep you on the right track.


Engagement is a key element to the equation, because unless the team adopts the methodology or the solution, it will be all but impossible to reap the expected benefits. Implement a program to encourage the use of the CRM tool, its processes and methodology. Try to integrate the use of the CRM into your sales coaching activities. For example, go over your objectives, your pipeline or your paperless sales activities using your CRM tool.

In conclusion

Imagine this: two armies are preparing for battle. One is structured, uses modern weapons and follows the generals’ orders, strategies and decisions. The other is disparate, wields powerful weapons and is stronger, but has little or no strategy, with every man for himself, improvising tactics. The generals are experienced but are using outdated methods.

Though the outcome of such a battle is not a foregone conclusion, one thing is for sure: the first army has done everything it can to succeed, while the second one is taking unnecessary risks.

Does your sales team enjoy the benefits of the Methodology + Tool + Engagement equation?

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