Regulatory bodies: Never drop a ball again!

Managers of Regulatory Bodies are like jugglers on a tightrope, keeping several balls in the air all at once while simultaneously watching their footing. Performing a multitude of disparate tasks every day — day in, day out — can quickly become a major challenge: following up on delinquent accounts; figuring out billing according to membership status or time of year; communicating effectively with members; responding to endless email and phone enquiries; etc. No wonder balls get dropped.

Integrated management solutions bring the various aspects of managing a regulatory body or professional organization together under a single software system, allowing employees to look up all membership data and related activities in real time. And, since most member information is updated by members themselves and all information is centralized in a single location, managers’ time is freed up to work on other, more crucial tasks, while keeping an eye on the overall running of the system.

Exemple: member renewals

The member renewal process is probably the most crucial for any association or organization, requiring endless person-hours of work: updating personal information, calculating number of hours or units of on-going development, sending notices to members, managing payments, etc. Employees typically enter all this information in several different software systems or files, usually structured by category:

The major advantage of an integrated management system is that each of these categories works in tandem with the members’ Web portal. Let’s see what this means in practice, taking the annual renewals process as an example, broken down into three phases:


Gestisoft’s RBPA integrated management solution lets you obtain a real-time list of members in good standing with a single click. Then, it allows you to grant this group of members access to the renewals module on the members’ secure portal.


Members can now go ahead and renew their membership; but first, they must be sent a notification with instructions. The most efficient way to do this is to automatically send an email message to all members concerned. When you include personalized information in each member’s email message, such as their name, member number or number of hours of development to be completed, your association maximizes its chances of a quick response. Gestisoft’s RBPA solution allows you to link the email message to each member and to see which ones have opened it.

Besides renewing their membership and paying their dues, members can also update all manner of information: change of address, new email address, change in status, new professional development courses, number of hours or units completed, new employer, etc.


While members update their own dashboards in the system, employees proactively concentrate on a high-level verification of the whole process. As soon as members complete their renewal, employees are notified in real-time of any major change or problem in the members’ dashboard, such as:

  • What percentage of members have completed their renewal as of today?
  • Which members have not reached the minimum number of hours or units of ongoing development?
  • Which members have had a change of address this year?

During the height of renewal season, your organization’s communications team can target those members who are late in renewing or haven’t opened the first email notification and send them a reminder, or use the time saved to capitalize on the mailing feature and send them snail-mail notices.

After a set date, the system automatically deactivates all members who haven’t renewed. Finally, a quick, saveable search allows you to keep track of who has paid their dues, and who hasn’t.

An overview for better feedback

It’s always easier to know what to do when you have a full picture of the situation, than when you are focused on one particular aspect of it. Manually updating various files ties up too much of your time on tasks that could be automated. Gestisoft’s RBPA solution, specifically developed for regulatory bodies and professional associations, empowers members and harnesses technology to save you work and enable you to call upon your resources only when human intervention is necessary. This allows you to become super-efficient, and never drop a ball!


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