Q & A #2: CRM Solutions Accelerate Sales Methods

CRM Solutions Accelerate Sales Methods – Q & A #2


Question 1: You have discussed different sales methodologies such as Solution Selling, SNAP Selling and The Challenger™ Sale. Can all of these methodologies be implemented and improved upon through the use of a CRM solution?


Yes, you can adapt most of these methodologies into a CRM implementation. In fact, the scope of the methodology is to oversee the sales process, while the sales process is more the philosophy behind it.

Question 2: Different types of buyers exist in the sales cycle. Which type is the most difficult to deal with and how can you overcome this difficulty?


Each buyer type brings its own set of challenges. But the challenge is not to work with one particular type, but to try to identify the buyer type you’re dealing with – how to label the prospect. Some types are fairly easy to determine, such as the one who closes the doors who definitely does not want to do business with you, while the friendly buyer seems very amicable, but you may lose time for nothing. The challenge is to identify their personalities and, moreover, the motivations of these buyers.

Question 3: Since the beginning of this web series, we have received a lot of feedback and many people would like to know what the subjects of the next 2 episodes will be. They would like to understand how to move from theory to practise and how the CRM solution will become the vehicle that will accelerate their sales?


The way we have designed these episodes is to allow you to apply the main principles of a solution such as CRM. The next episode will focus on the actual reality of a sales representative. How a CRM solution can help support a process or methodology such as The Challenger™ and be used in applied examples.

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Next week, we will discuss the sales manager who is required to coach, to understand the CRM numbers as he/she has great interest in the performance of his/her salespeople.

So next week: the sales person, and the following week: the boss!



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