Pivotal CRM.

Pivotal CRM 6.0 is a new generation, scalable CRM platform that maximizes user buy-in and minimizes IT costs.

Why choose Pivotal CRM?
  • Better acceptance of the solution by users thanks to a familiar
  • Guaranteed consistency because users follow the company’s processes and adopt its best practices
  • Improved productivity through fluid integration with Microsoft.
  • Lower IT costs because customization, deployment and maintenance of the solution is less costly
  • Flexibility, allowing companies to keep pace with the changing market at minimal cost
Livre Numérique - Naviguer avec succès dans l'univers d'un ordre professionnel
A CRM Software adapted for Regulated B odies and Professional Associations

Because of that flexibility, Gestisoft has managed to develop various solutions designed especially for organizations with special (or even complex) processes that work in constantly changing environments.

Pivotal CRM – Regulated Bodies and Professional Associations (RBPA)

With its look and feel and its flexibility, Pivotal CRM can intelligently address the specifics and special needs of Regulated Bodies and Professional Associations (RBPA). Using the function-rich Pivotal CRM platform to drive and leverage verticalization in this industry, Gestisoft has developed a comprehensive solution, divided into several parts, for effectively handling the complexity of a professional order or association.

Significant expertise in the field of professional orders and associations

The Pivotal CRM RBPA solution thus lets you take advantage of major pre-customization, based on the best practices in your industry, thus minimizing your development and maximizing the solution’s existing functions and processes. Gestisoft has also built up, over the years, notable expertise in the area of professional orders and associations, so you have the advantage of a team and consulting service custom fit to the issues facing your organization.

Your main processes optimized

Pivotal CRM RBPA optimizes the operational management of professional orders and associations by overseeing the verticality of your processes. From public safety to regulatory compliance, while meeting your members’ needs, this solution adheres to the most demanding regulatory requirements and includes the following parts:

  • Management of admission to the profession
  • Management of continuing education
  • Management of the profession oversight program
  • Management of the Office of the Syndic
  • Management of complaints to the disciplinary board
  • Management of the election of committee members
  • Management of committees.

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