Start the Year Off Right Thanks to Your CRM Tool

In the earlier 70’s, Emmanuëlle sang: “et c’est pas fini, c’est rien qu’un début“(It’s not over, it’s only just beginning – Stéphane Venne). The end of Q4 is really the right time not only to report on results, but also to set next year’s goals.

Goal-setting for a sales team involves many facets. Obviously, financial objectives are the first thing that come to mind, but it also means thinking about other goals that may drive the overall success of sales, and stimulate and motivate the team as individuals. Once again, your CRM tool could prove to be as strategic as it is tactical: take the time needed to integrate your goals into your platform.

Once integrated, the goals can be monitored, measured and scrutinized in almost real time throughout the year. You will be able to adjust your sights and tailor your strategies to the performance indicators you will have defined in the CRM tool itself. Get help from measurement and CRM specialists – a task force to define, configure and deploy the sales goals in your CRM system could precede the job of communicating to the sales team during your start-of-year kickoff.

Allotting activity quotas might be a valuable tactic for some groups, but it doesn’t work very well with others: there is no generic recipe, everything depends on context, organizational culture and overall strategy. An approach aimed at transitioning from a product strategy to a customer strategy might benefit from an initiative where customer contacts must be enhanced on the team.

There is a strong trend towards using social media as marketing leverage. Why not integrate a “social” dimension into your sales team’s goals? Measuring tools are widely available to give you a clear idea of scope in terms of how they “reach” and “impact” your audience.

Concurrently with sales goal management, account planning is a widespread practice with numerous advantages. Have you ever thought of using your CRM system’s functions to support the account planning process?


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