Microsoft Dynamics NAV- Easy to Use

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is easy to use for three main reasons:

  1. Familiar interface
  2. Preconfigured home page
  3. Concept of document set

First, the interface is similar to the one for Outlook and Office 365, with its toolbar, favorites and tree structure, making it easy to learn and guaranteeing that users will have no problem adopting it.

As concerns configuration of the dashboard—by department and by role— 28 preconfigured dashboards are available that can be easily modified not only by the organization, but also by each user. That means the use of each of its preferences can be customized.

Finally, the concept of document set enables rapid access to the most relevant information for the employee and also means color codes can be assigned to instantly indicate priorities, thus ensuring that the data you need to see is entered properly.

See for yourself how user-friendly this product is by watching this video of Daniel Lefebvre, Business Development Manager at Gestisoft. Feel free to contact us should you need more information on Dynamics NAV.


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