Microsoft Dynamics GP.

For more than 25 year, Microsoft GP (Great Plains) business management software, an Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP) solution, has aided and transformed small and mid-sized business, just like yours. Microsoft Dynamics GP software helps you align and manage your business operations, including : financials, order processing, supply chain, distribution, and much more.

Microsoft is starting to focus mostly on Dynamics 365 & NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP package designed specifically for the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises seeking a solution that can be quickly implementedSimple to use and with the power and agility needed to adapt to your organization’s needs, it is available in the cloud or on your servers via a laptop or tablet. Microsoft Dynamics NAV simplifies the management of your company’s finances and operations so you can focus on what counts: achieving your growth targets.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP features

Microsoft Dynamics GP software is a comprehensive business management solution/ERP solution that helps you gain control of your finances, manage your employees/ressources, drive business intelligence and evolve your business processes.

Financial management

Tame your financial chaos with complete management of cash flow, accounting, payables/receivables, deferrals, multicurrency, assets, etc…

Order processing

Gain transparency and visibility into your distribution processes to process orders more accurately.

Inventory control

Control inventory and cost more easily with multiple costing methods, tiered pricing, serial/lot tracking and sourcing alternate vendors, etc…

Supply chain management

Create focused assembly and distribution with advanced purchase processing, picking & packing, custom pricing, inventory, requisitions, etc…

Business intelligence

Access real-time performance and gain business insights with customizable budgeting, forecasting, analytics, reporting, etc…

Sales and service

Manage your customer experience to improve customer satisfaction with sales insights, dialogue tracking, customer history, etc…

Why use Dynamics GP software for industrial distribution?

A comprehensive industrial distribution solution
See beyond your stock levels and simple warehouse logistics to gain a complete view of your operations with :

  • Effective Inventory Management
  • Ultimate Workflow Management
  • Accurate Order Processing System
  • Simple Supply Chain Management
  • Core Financial Management
Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad

Easily solve the inventory worklows and EDI issues you face as a distributor with an integrated Microsoft GP and SalesPad solution from Gestisoft.

Get a complete order processing, inventory management, purchasing, customer tracking and reporting system from Gestisoft with GP software coupled with SalesPad’s Desktop solution made for distributors, just like you.

See how we can help your business evolve and grow with utmost order processing, financial management, business intelligence, and much more .

Privilege Microsoft Dynamics GP Support with Gestisoft

Our support and expertise doesn’t expire at the end of your GP software implementation. We take a proactive approach in maintaining the agility of your Microsoft GP solution with Privileged Support that ensures the continuity of your business as you and your solution grow and evolve.

We provide an annual “Health Check” service for our GP software clients, designed to optimize the use of your solution on a constant basis. Our Privileged Support Plans are our commitment to remain proactive and dedicated to our clients to ensure you are getting the most out of your solution and your partnership with experts that know and care about your business.

Partner with Microsoft Dynamics GP Experts



We help you choose the right applications to start your digital transformation project.



We adapt Microsoft Dynamics GP to your business to keep you growing.



We support you in the evolution of your business and ensure that you achieve your goals.

Transform your Business Operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP & Gestisoft.

Our experts master the sales, marketing, service, finance, supply chain, manufacturing and project processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365, GP, CRM & NAV becomes an opportunity to accelerate growth and support the digital transformation of your business.

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