GP 2013-2015: Smartlist –for Excel Export Solution

Here’s a simple solution to improve the export of a Smartlist to Excel. You can set up a spreadsheet and thus make it ready to receive the specific Smartlist. Then you can use the various calculations and functions of Excel.

If you know the favorites in Smartlist and Excel macros, you already have the qualifications to perform the export solution. This is Smartlist create, export it to Excel and record a macro that will achieve the desired format.

Here’s the 4 steps:

1: Create a ‘Favorites’ in Smartlist

  • Open GP
  • Open Smartlist
    • Menu Microsoft Dynamics GP / Smartlist / Financial / Account Transactions / *
    • Click the button ‘Columns’ and ‘Add’, then add the specifics columns and OK (2x)
    • Click the button ‘Favorites’, give it a name, make it visible to the company and press ‘Add’ and ‘Add Favorite’

2: Export to Excel


3: Create the macro and save the Excel file

  • Select from ‘Developper’, ‘Record Macro’
  • Give a macro name : ‘Numbers’ and click ‘Ok’
  • Include the new format and click ‘Stop Recording’
  • Validate the macro contents :
    • Select the menu ‘Developper’ and click on ‘Macros’
    • Click on the macro ‘Numbers’ and ‘Edit’
    • Save the Excel document and select the type ‘Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook’

4: Create the Export Solution

  • Click on the button ‘Smartlist’ and ‘Export Solutions’
  • Enter the information and click ‘Save’ :
  • You are now ready!
    • Select ‘Account Transactions’ from the Excel Menu


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