An ERP & CRM Software for Associations and Regulated Bodies.

Regulated Bodies and Professional Associations (RBPA) are playing an increasingly important role in our constantly evolving society. Whether it involves protecting the public, meeting the mounting needs of your members or even applying the most demanding professional standards, orders and associations must always adjust to that reality. Unintegrated systems and no proper online service thus makes it hard to properly maintain your members’ data in real time.

ERP & CRM Software Adapted to Associations’ needs

Over the years, Gestisoft has built up remarkable expertise in the area of RBPA, giving you the benefit of a team and a consulting service custom fit to the issues facing your organization. We truly understand the importance that your organization places on having an accurate register of members, the complexity of managing inspections, the impact of changes in laws and regulations on your organization, or even the concerns of confidentiality during an investigation process.

Benefits from the best business practices of professional associations in a CRM software

Coupled with a dedicated team that knows your practice area, Gestisoft gives you a flexible solution designed specifically to respond to the challenges of RBPA by addressing the verticality of your line of business through:

  • Management of the members register
  • Management of admission to the profession
  • Management of continuing education
  • Management of the profession oversight program
  • Management of the Office of the Syndic
  • Management of complaints to the disciplinary board
  • Management of the election of committee members
  • Management of committees
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Your organization will then have the benefit of industry best practices, the expertise of a qualified team and an open-ended solution, which will integrate your business processes and quickly become an indispensable work tool—a core driver of day-to-day operations in your organization.

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