Barber Shop Experience

How can you provide “true” customer service, regardless of your line of business, with Dynamics CRM?

To show you to how effective and significant CRM can be, let me tell you about an experience I had on a trip to the US for a convention.

rechercheDuring my stay, I suddenly felt I had to get a haircut, and since my work was really tying me up for the whole trip, I had very little time to research and resolve that great dilemma. Since I’m quite used to doing searches and purchases over the Internet, I got started looking for barber shops in the area. One site caught my eye so I went to it immediately.

To my surprise, I found a simple appointment form on the site, so I entered my information: name, email address, age, and sex, date/estimated time of desired appointment, hair color and length and short description of what I needed. I doubted very much I would ever hear back.

Within a few minutes (if not seconds), I received a suggested appointment and an email validating my information. The email also asked me additional questions so they could better target my need (coloring? manicure? etc.). I was already sold and impatiently waited for the day and time of my appointment.

Coffee cup isolated on whiteWhen that day and time came, it was amazing—I was completely seduced. Besides being greeted by name, I was offered a coffee being prepared just as I like it. A pre-completed client file was waiting for me to revalidate what I needed and confirm my information. So I got service (in this case a haircut!), the whole time the barber asked me about my stay and my field of work, and I left happy and a little lighter.

The seduction and the relationship didn’t end there! I got an email confirming the service I had received, along with a summary of costs paid. Also included was a link to a satisfaction survey and, of course, a link to a tourist site to make the end of my stay even better.

Such an experience includes the simple—but oh so effective—key steps in a CRM system: needs assessment, proposal, service and summary. I made sure to keep the coordinates of the barber shop and went back on my next stay in that city!

Never forget the power of CRM, especially how it is used!


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