A CRM project is an expedition

10 reasons that make your CRM project a mountain expedition

Having worked in the intangible world of IT for over 18 years, I’m in the habit of using analogies to explain that world to my customers.

You might enjoy it!

expedition-3I look at implementing a CRM solution as an adventure involving all the members of your organization. It can be compared to a hike in the mountains, accompanied by certified, qualified experts who know how to guide you to your ultimate destination. So, ensuring that your project proceeds smoothly means prepared yourself as if you were heading out on an expedition.

Here are 10 key points to keep in mind during the trip:

  1. A project, like an expedition, has a destination and a goal.
  2. Teamwork is crucial. The entire group has to move in the same direction and keep the same pace.
  3. Communication on the team is important because there will likely be unforeseen events, obstacles and problems to be overcome along the way.
  4. Preparation, learning and a certain amount of know-how are required for the trip to go well.
  5. The journey may be both easy in some aspects and more difficult in other phases.
  6. Many methods are available to guide and supervise the hike. You may decide to make stopovers, reach different levels, and more.
  7. You have to take baggage with you, but just the right amount. On the way, you may decide to leave some of it behind to make the climb easier.
  8. Since the project is demanding, you must be familiar with every member’s attitude throughout the trip. The people involved may exhibit both enthusiasm, fatigue and even resistance.
  9. Since it’s an adventure into unknown territory, you should have an experienced guide along.
  10. Every project and every team is different, so you have to know how to adapt to requests in order to meet needs.

expedition-1In short, a CRM implementation project is an adventure. Unlike an all-expenses-paid trip down south, everyone has to pull their own weight for the group to arrive at their destination.

Our guides, who are experienced coaches, will accompany you and guide you throughout the process. We’ll pick the destination together, develop a game plan to get ready, and train the members of your team so they can do their part on the expedition. We’ll make every effort to anticipate possible obstacles and suitable solutions, and—together—tackle unforeseen events and problems. Once you get back, you’ll realize that the trip you took with our company is a success in every respect. Our end goal is to equip you to make you great hikers. We’ll train an assistant guide from among the members of your organization so he can gradually take over from us to on an everyday basis.


We are certified, qualified guides, and we are prepared to accompany you on your next expedition. Ready to set out?



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