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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Finances & Operations.

Whether your business is small, medium or large, Dynamics 365 gives you the ERP features you need to efficiently manage your finances and operations. With Dynamics 365, get a complete view of the financial situation and efficiently manage your supply chain, manufacturing operations, projects and service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finances & Operations Devices - ERP
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finances & Operations, an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) for SMBs

Dynamics 365 Finances & operations is the Cloud ERP application by Microsoft, providing a web-based financial and operational management solution for SMBs. Based on the Dynamics NAV platform, Dynamics 365 Finance builds on a legacy of robust, rich features while offering a simplified version of its parent application. Dynamics 365 Finance allows you to place orders, make sales, bill, manage inventories and projects, and generate reports more easily.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Dynamics NAV 2017, an ERP system for SMEs that has a proven track record

Dynamics 365 NAV solution integrates seamlessly into Microsoft’s cloud computing platform as it shares the same technical architecture as Financials. Thus, Dynamics NAV 365 meets the needs of SMEs whose complexity of needs exceeds that of Financials without however requiring the heaviness and the costs inherent in Operations. Dynamics NAV 365 can be deployed on Microsoft Azure or on your servers.

Take the hassle out of managing your finances with Dynamics 365 Finances and Operations

Streamline your financial close and get real-time visibility into the performance of your business. Easily share your information in a secure manner with an accountant or bookkeeper and gain more control over your budgets and cashflow.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finances & Operations
Streamline your supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finances & Operations

Increase visibility across your entire supply chain to reduce inventory costs and keep customers happy. Use built-in intelligence to predict when and what you need to replenish, ensuring inventory levels are maintained to avoid shortages and lost sales.

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Transform your Business Operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Gestisoft.

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