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Professional Services ERP & CRM Software.

Managing resources, time and budgets is a core activity for any professional service provider. To be profitable, you must tightly control tasks and resources on all your projects. An integrated solution for professional services can help you maximize billable time, take advantage of every hour used, and effectively allocate your resources.

Improve your project management

Time, resources, and budgets: you must manage everything at the same time. If you fail to track all tasks and activities, you lose control of the status of your projects. Adjusting deadlines and costs, or forecasting potential problems, then become risks. You have to access a centralized dashboard to retake control of your company. You will then be able to create an effective workflow, simplify processes and better react to potential problems.

Keep your customers happy

You are a unique case. You sell time and expertise, which means that customer satisfaction relies solely on your ability to satisfy and exceed expectations. What do you think about these potential improvements to your company?

  • Inform your customers about project status
  • Track billable time, tasks and expenses on every project
  • Create accurate, complete invoices at the right time
  • Effectively manage interactions with customers and share results company-wide
  • Shorten times by effectively managing people and resources
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Take a CRM solution that will adapt to your business and grow your operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help improve the performance of your teams and your project management strategies.

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