The Sales Manager’s Pains – Part 2

This chronicle is based on my CRM article “The Sales Manager’s Pains” published in October 2015.


Like many other sales team managers, you’re thinking of providing your team with a CRM solution. You know that there are several products on the market, you’ve heard of the major ones and your network of contacts has referred you to a couple of companies that specialize in CRMs.

You’re having trouble providing the supervision and coaching that would help your team, since you are always so busy doing administrative work or getting the data you receive from various sources to “speak”. Is the team working on the “right” prospects? Does the team have enough opportunities to reach its goals? What is the total weighted value of the sales pipeline?

You know that a disorganized sales team produces less, rather than more, results; that a cohesive sales process helps rate prospects faster and more systematically, grow the sales pipeline, better understand and shorten the sales cycle and work on the “low hanging fruit”.

To keep in touch with your team’s reality, you often try to get involved “on the ground”, but it’s hard for you to add value to a sales cycle if you only have access to information once a week, at the sales meeting. The data is out of synch and a pre-meeting is needed to provide some context before jumping in.

A CRM system would let you structure the information and make it easier to access by reducing the risk of data loss, corruption and theft. A prebuilt dashboard would help you understand the data and make the right decisions quickly. Reports would help deepen analyses and provide perspective for a diagnosis of the overall health of sales.

Your understanding of your situation suggests that your needs are relatively simple and some of your colleagues are urging you to go CRM, while others question the value of such a system for your organization. You would like a CRM system but not a long, risky and complicated project.


Gestisoft has a potentially interesting option: its turnkey CRM quick-start solution. This solution shortens the lead-up to a return on your investment while reducing the risks associated with your CRM project.

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