Success starts with your employees

Training employees on company IT systems ensures proper use of these solutions, leading to optimal productivity. Whether as part of an implementation project or in order to address specific needs, Gestisoft offers individual and group training programs, taking place in your office or our own classrooms.

In addition to training users, Gestisoft offers technical training for your IT teams on application personalisation and administration.

But why offer training in your organization?

  • ERP or CRM implementation success relies, in part, on the proper training of all users.
  • Technology evolves constantly. Therefore, training allows you to take full advantage of your solution’s updates and improvements.
  • It is good for your business’ health and growth to have an expert user, who is in the know when it comes to all of your solutions’ functions. This provides the necessary flexibility and autonomy to further company growth.
  • The loss of ERP and CRM (but especially CRM) knowledge is inevitable for all clients.
  • Improvement and continued training are healthy practices for your business!

How to be sure your training is suited to your business reality?

As each business is different, we offer a wide range of training modes and formats, including:

  • Personalized onsite training for both users and super users.
  • Custom user manuals and training videos, presented virtually or in-person.
  • Workshops led by a business processes consultant to tweak your final solution to entirely match your needs and priorities.
  • Ad-hoc training on specific functions, which can be provided remotely by our support team.
  • Group training on essential solution features, held monthly in our offices.

What sets Gestisoft’s training apart?

As a provider of professional services, we seek to distinguish ourselves from the competition by facilitating the transfer of knowledge and the implementation process. We know how to make it happen seamlessly while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Based on the lessons learned from working on hundreds of implementation projects, we have developed our unique training methodology.

Two elements are essential to reach training success. Firstly, user ownership of the system is a key priority. As such, we remain involved until your employees have mastered the important features of your new system.

The second element involves training success assessment. This may seem obvious, but without proper assessment, you won’t be able to tell if your training was a success. And by evaluations, we don’t mean asking your employees if they enjoyed the training!

Whether you are small or a large company, implementing (or optimizing) a CRM / ERP solution, combined with the right training, is essential to your organization’s continued health and growth.

We can help you achieve your goals.

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