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The public sector is under greater pressure than ever. Citizens are demanding that it be transparent and ultimately effective. The relationship of trust between citizens and governments quickly breaks down without reliable, accurate systems. But the pressure does not stop there, you must support seamless collaboration among divisions and rapid adjustment to regulatory changes. In short, government software is used to manage a group of complex relationships without adding undue financial pressure to operations.

Gestisoft leads the way in public and parapublic CRM software solutions. Gestisoft uses its extensive experience to help you:

  • improve relations between citizens and government;
  • increase financial accountability;
  • improve access to services and service quality;
  • reduce pressure on emergency services;
  • maximize operational effectiveness and reduce costs;
  • manage complex information assets and services.

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Moreover, data security will always be essential, but even the most robust technology solution does not protect you from human error. You need good software to put an end to inefficiency, simplify case management procedures and identify mistakes when they occur, before the situation gets worse. Gestisoft’s solutions have the security functions you need:

  • access to data based on roles;
  • automated manual procedures for eliminating human error;
  • advanced reports and early identification of errors;
  • compliance with the latest data processing regulations;
  • cutting-edge, effective and efficient personnel.

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