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Simple, Mobile and Powerful!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP package designed specifically for the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises seeking a solution that can be quickly implemented. Simple to use and with the power and agility needed to adapt to your organization’s needs, it is available in the cloud or on your servers via a laptop or tablet. Microsoft Dynamics NAV simplifies the management of your company’s finances and operations so you can focus on what counts: achieving your growth targets.


Easy to use

simple à utiliserMicrosoft Dynamics NAV gives users a smooth, familiar navigation experience. Fully integrated with Office 365 productivity solutions, its role-based custom interface facilitates the identification of daily tasks and enables access to the information and functions most relevant to the user. A major advantage when the goal is to expedite decision making.


Mobility  – The key to your productivity!

mobiliteMicrosoft Dynamics NAV is available on various mobile devices for a quick access to strategic information and to increase the productivity of your day-to–day tasks. Its native integration with Office 365 allows you to reinvent the way you work, regardless of where you are.


Sales Order RC_EN Powerful functions to help drive your growth!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you visibility and full control of your company’s operations by integrating financial, supply chain, manufacturing and customer service management on a fully customizable platform. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a wide range of functions you can use to simplify your management and automate your most complex operating processes.


Transform your data into decision making tools!

Outil décisionThanks to its many dashboards and its business intelligence (BI) tools, a single glance is all it takes to see your sales forecasts so you can plan your material and resource capacities, control your operating costs and always be sure you make the right decisions. A key asset in tackling new markets.

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