Sage 300 ERP: an integrated management solution, tailored for SMEs

Sage 300 ERP is a complete corporate accounting solution, with a robust financial and operational application at its core. The extensive functions of the application suite ensure that all your needs will be met. Also, freedom of choice in terms of platform, modules and deployment method lets you grow your application in step with your company.

Sage 300 ERP is :

  • Flexible: Sage 300 ERP comes in three versions, is highly customizable, supports a modular and multi-tier approach, is based on a Web architecture and supports most common databases to give you maximum flexibility.
  • Robust: Sage 300 ERP has been around for many years and is now in version 6.0. The growth and recognition earned over the years are indicators of its quality and robustness.
  • Complete: Sage 300 ERP is a complete application suite. Its financial and operational core mean that a multitude of management solutions are actually available, such as eCommerce, warehouse management, EDI, human resources, capital asset management and CRM.

Sage 300 ERP is the ideal ERP solution for small and mid-sized enterprises looking for a robust, scalable and affordable solution that can keep pace with the company’s growing needs. They can thus start by implementing only the necessary modules, then develop their own management system by adding other modules to it when required.

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