Sage CRM is the ideal CRM solution for small and mid-sized enterprises in Quebec seeking a robust, scalable and affordable solution that can grow with the company’s growing needs. They can thus start by implementing only the necessary modules, then develop their management system, adding other modules to it when required. Also, given its natural integration with Sage 300 ERP, its existing users will be able to take full advantage of a complete management solution.

Sage CRM lets you deploy a complete, top-quality CRM solution, gradually. Its flexible deployment platform does not restrict your choices. It lets you use the most suitable approach to address your organization’s needs.

Though its strength resides in its integration with the Sage 300 ERP system, Sage CRM integrates perfectly with the other most common resource management solutions (ERP and other integrated solutions) on the market. That guarantees you get a complete solution perfectly tailored to your organization’s various needs.

Sage CRM meets your business needs by fully supporting your organization’s sales, marketing and service activities. You can actually manage your opportunities, schedules, marketing campaigns, service calls, personalized mass communication, management reports, documentation and much more using the various Sage CRM tools and functions.

Alert, quick search, preformatted report, workflow management and customization functions give the user total control over his automated activities. The integration of Sage CRM with Sage 300 ERP also enables the management of more sophisticated transactions.

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