With its look and feel and its flexibility, Pivotal CRM can intelligently address the specifics and special needs of Regulated Bodies and Professional Associations (RBPA). Using the function-rich Pivotal CRM platform to drive and leverage verticalization in this industry, Gestisoft has developed a comprehensive solution, divided into several parts, for effectively handling the complexity of a professional order or association.

The Pivotal CRM RBPA solution thus lets you take advantage of major pre-customization, based on the best practices in your industry, thus minimizing your development and maximizing the solution’s existing functions and processes. Gestisoft has also built up, over the years, notable expertise in the area of professional orders and associations, so you have the advantage of a team and consulting service custom fit to the issues facing your organization.

Pivotal CRM RBPA optimizes the operational management of professional orders and associations by overseeing the verticality of your processes. From public safety to regulatory compliance, while meeting your members’ needs, this solution adheres to the most demanding regulatory requirements and includes the following parts:

  • Management of admission to the profession
  • Management of continuing education
  • Management of the profession oversight program
  • Management of the Office of the Syndic
  • Management of complaints to the disciplinary board
  • Management of the election of committee members
  • Management of committees.

Since the Pivotal CRM RBPA solution is based on a full CRM solution, it will be able to benefit from a wide assortment of cross-cutting functions that will enhance and expand the use of the system across your organization, such as, by implementing:

  • A Web portal and online service for members
  • Event management
  • Batch transmissions
  • Management of your partners
  • Request management
  • Workflow management
  • Application security management

It also gives your organization’s managers real-time data they can use in various custom developed management reports, or in dashboards providing an accurate picture of your membership. Also, the 360 degree search and navigation capability, specific to Pivotal CRM, makes it easier for users to accept the application.

Finally, conducting a CRM RBPA project requires a suitable implementation method to make the established plans and schedules a reality. For that reason, Gestisoft rigorously applies a method specifically designed and optimized for organizations such as professional orders and associations, thereby maximizing the success of your implementation project.



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