Its extensive functions, vertical solutions and technological sophistication have earned Pivotal CRM recognition as a leader in its sector. Indeed, its advanced modules make CRM solutions the most advanced and sought-after of solutions.

But its greatest strength lies in its possibilities for verticalization. Accordingly, Gestisoft has invested in building a vertical CRM solution for the municipal sector, enabling you to benefit from major pre-customization for the municipal sector.

Municipalities give citizens a one-stop source for services in the form of a call center, and that is the greatest strength of our Pivotal CRM Municipal solution.

Citizens have a one-stop portal for services (311) to consult library opening times, complain about a neighbor’s dog, report an abandoned vehicle, or congratulate the parks department on its great work. By quickly accessing a knowledge center and information on citizens, call center agents can more easily respond to requests and track their resolution, thus generating valuable mutual relationships over the long term.

Main advantages of Pivotal CRM Municipal

  • 50% reduction in 911 calls
  • Single overview of all citizens
  • Single centralized database for managing relationships
  • Accurate, consistent request processing
  • Identification of requestors on a map
  • Work order management


Pivotal CRM is also built around a single architecture, based on the separation of metadata (business rules) and operational data. That means you can customize your CRM solution as your municipal organization grows.

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