Traditional CRM systems are outmoded

These days, customers are searching out their own solutions to their problems. As a consequence, it is no surprise that customers are already at close to 60% of the sales cycle by the time they contact the company that has attracted their attention.

CRM systems built around traditional sales cycles are outdated. They are static and cannot help you dynamically.

That is why Microsoft has created something entirely new with Dynamics CRM 2013!

Target markets. Win customers faster. Sell more!

That is the promise of Microsoft Dynamics that we back without hesitation.

There are many opportunities for supporting that promise, since you will be able to:

  • Meet customers anywhere, using any type of device with full mobility provided by ultra user-friendly Microsoft Dynamics interfaces;
  • work smarter to penetrate more markets, faster, thanks to process flows tailored to your organization and integrated with your CRM solution;
  • Create your network and relationships with Social Listening – an exclusive feature of Microsoft Dynamics;
  • Outfit your sales teams by facilitating effective work among different teams, sites and work groups, using the integrated Yammer, Link and Skype applications.

And remember: your customers know more than ever, they make purchasing decisions even before you can initiate them. Your sales team must adapt to this new customer dynamic.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and our understanding of the sales business can help you reimagine sales based on this dynamic adopted by customers.

Selling more is all that counts. You will be able to do that much more effectively.
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