Full control with Assistance PSA

Resource planning is a key element in the professional services industry. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find an intelligent solution that integrates all the roles associated with your resource planning process?

Assistance PSA is a solution that lets you control your projects using a flexible, effective application while working in a user-friendly environment. With Assistance PSA, planning your project is linked to CRM and Outlook service calendar. Now, the people responsible for projects and the information workers all work as a team because they share the same information.

PSA Framework

Planning and timesheets with Outlook

Assistance PSA redefines timesheet and expense collection. Because it is fully integrated with Outlook, PSA makes child’s play of planning and time and expense recording, and the updating of activities on your project, simultaneously. A simple click on the Outlook retrieval button brings up all your Outlook appointments in your timesheet.

The Assistance PSA solution also takes advantage of the powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to provide advanced project management functions within Outlook, including specifications, resource planning, project management, workflows and invoicing. Users will find the application easy to use and user-friendly in a familiar environment.

Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM was developed for the new generation of information professionals, who are always online and work wherever and whenever they wish. Can your organization facilitate that?

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Directeur Dynamics CRM
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