Free up your team’s marketing potential.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing gives you tools so you can easily manage the administrative aspects and focus on marketing magic.

Using especially powerful marketing and behavioral analyses, provided by the Microsoft Dynamics marketing suite, you will be able to easily target and segment your customer base and understand their interests so they can be addressed at the right time with the right message.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing will also help you plan, create, manage and launch your multichannel campaigns, control your expenses and measure the effectiveness of your marketing investments. By doing so, you benefit from more intelligent marketing.

The main functions of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing are:

Campaign Management

A function that lets you design the dynamic adopted by your customer, that is, campaigns customized for multiple channels. And design will be easier than ever thanks to Visual Campaign Designer, which lets you fit the campaigns into a single window so they can be created and managed via emails, social networks, events and direct mail.

Management and Notation of Potential Customers

Generate more potential customers ready to sell to using segmentation and advanced notations of potential customers, all integrated with your CRM system to make your sales team more efficient.

Marketing Management Tools

The same system can allow you to optimize all key activities in your marketing department, such as budget planning and management, collaboration with your teams and agencies, and management of your content.

Social Marketing

You now have the possibility of listening to what your customers are saying on social media and interacting with them, everything, obviously, integrated into your CRM and Microsoft Dynamics marketing platform. You will thus be able to raise your visibility by taking strategic actions in social media.

Free up your team’s marketing potential and take advantage of smarter marketing.

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