Respect, openness, sensitivity and curiosity

Our Marketing Director often asks us to submit material for our corporate blog. To date, my contribution has been non-existent, either due to lack of inspiration or to uncertainty about which issue to broach, and how. But lately, with all the shocking events affecting innocent people all over the world, I have been reflecting on my values.

Day after day, we go to work hoping to be passionate about what we do, to have fruitful exchanges with our colleagues, and to work in a stimulating, human, respectful and safe environment. These are basic human aspirations.

I am fortunate enough to work in a diverse environment, with people of many different nationalities, cultures and religions. The best time to relax and to have interesting exchanges is over lunch, when all manner of subjects are raised: politics, culture, sports, even sex. All our discussions, while passionate, are always respectful of people and their opinions. Recently, following the horrendous attack in Quebec City, the topic of religion was raised. I watched some of my colleagues ask other colleagues questions to better understand some aspects or tenets of their religion. Respect, openness, sensitivity and curiosity are some of the words I’d use to describe those exchanges.

I am fortunate to have colleagues who are different from me, with whom I can always discuss sensitive issues without fear and with respect. We are lucky to work for an employer that is open-minded, that accepts differences and that respects employees regardless of their religion, culture or sexual orientation. This is the age of the knowledge economy, which includes know-how but also knowing how to behave. Gestisoft has demonstrated this by hiring staff based not just on their know-how but also on their life skills.

While it is up to all of us to do our bit to change the world, employers also have an important role to play. Gestisoft does its share by providing us with a diverse work environment that exposes us to other parts of the world and to its fascinating kaleidoscope of differences! Together, employers and employees can make a difference. It’s up to us.

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