Mobile access allows field service personnel to provide better customer experience

I recognize my signature on the work order, but I’m having a hard time understanding what is written. The technician was nice, but his writing is difficult to read. Before he left, he suggested that I contact technical support to schedule maintenance on another piece of equipment that may need to be replaced.

No…he did not know how much this part could cost, nor whether replacing it was included in our rate. Yes, you are right, I will shop around and get more information before contacting them.

Complimentary Webinar: Best Practices for Field Operations Productivity

The field service personnel who interact directly with your clients are the ambassadors of your brand. They can enrich or negatively impact the relationship that you have with your clients. When well informed as to the client’s reality and up-to-date on the problem that needs to be resolved, they can offer quality service and build lasting links with your clientele.

However, if your field service personnel are misinformed, they can contribute, without meaning to, to your client changing providers, even if they perform their tasks extraordinarily well and the quality of their interventions was exceptional.

A technician who is able to access key information concerning the client he is visiting can best prepare for the task at hand, ready to provide information the client may require about prices, warranties or services.

This being said, a technician could offer so much more if given the opportunity. He would not only be able to access information, but could also proceed to transactional operations, such as taking orders, offering a submission, suggesting a new product, planning the next appointment, or simply providing a work order or bill, and sending everything directly by email, while still on site with the client.

The issue of field service personnel’s access to information is a hot topic and can turn to be a significant advantage for organizations that opt to invest in mobile terminals. The businesses that equip their personnel so as to enable them to access and enter information on site go from customer service to consulting. By undertaking this challenge, companies give themselves access to new opportunities for income as well as significantly improve their clients’ experience and increase satisfaction.

According to a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group (*), the best-in-class businesses boast a 92% client satisfaction rate. Were you aware of this statistic? How do you rank, compared to the leaders? How does your competition rank? Is your organization equipped to maintain customer satisfaction?

To stay ahead of the game, to offer a positive client experience and to improve your field service staff’s performance, Dynamics 365 features an entire range of answers and solutions for businesses providing field service.

Mobile access for your field team is an integral part of the solution. Dynamics 365 boasts a 360 degree client view and offers a complete suite of impressive functions, from CRM to order taking functions, to appointment scheduling and itinerary optimization.

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(*) : Source – Aberdeen 2016 Field Service Workforce Management Study