With this white paper you will:

  • Learn more about the sales obstacles manufacturers face;
  • Understand how you can increase the productivity of your sales from business development to customer management;
  • Assess how a CRM software can assist you with achieving your business goals;

Satisfied Clients

Design, manufacture and marketing of advanced portable 3D measuring and analysis technologies that help grow productivity.
Design and manufacture of parts and assemblies of structures in the aerospace, automobile and energy sectors.
Leader in the prefinished hardwood flooring industry.


This white paper will assist you with better understanding many sales obstacles as well as the role a CRM software (cloud or on-site) can play in terms of accelerating and improving the sales process in your organization.

Our professional services team for customer relationship management software will enable you to understand how it is possible to adapt our CRM solution to the needs of your organization.

Our experts are at your service to explain the benefits of social, mobile and SaaS CRM applications. We can also assist you with assessing the procedures for the implementation of an on-side software versus a cloud CRM software in order to help you rapidly optimize your sales and customer service.

By trusting Gestisoft, you ensure that you receive quality service, provided by experienced CRM consultants who have an in-depth understanding of the reality of Quebec manufacturers.

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