Improving Field Service Levels with Route Optimisation

Once again, I’m taking advantage of this series to share an excerpt from our eBook “Working in Chaos – Tackling the Business Challenges of Mobile Services”, which discusses business issues pertaining to service team management.


Avoiding penalties

Those responsible for service assignments must maintain a certain degree of control over estimated fuel consumption, as well as distance traveled. Beyond customer satisfaction, complying with contractual agreements, resource and equipment availability, another major challenge is to anticipate and control costs linked to fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance.

Route optimisation by means of sophisticated algorithms makes it possible to calculate and suggest the best itineraries according to current priorities, whether to save on fuel, travel the shortest distance, avoid traffic jams, respond to an emergency or even add a last minute meeting between two assignments.

Staff members use mobile devices to stay informed of changes to their schedule, which can be predetermined or somewhat flexible. If an assignment or trip takes more or less time than expected, the route planning tool can be adjusted and will recalculate the best itinerary. Customers can be informed of a late delivery time or of a technician’s imminent arrival.

Route optimisation tools also offer the possibility of better managing a vehicle’s life cycle, which includes maintenance.

Route optimisation alone generates considerable savings that often justify, or even finance, the investment required to implement an integrated solution and increase service quality.


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