Turn Industry 4.0 into an Opportunity in Manufacturing

Embrace innovative technology, become agile, and discover how to drive digital transformation for Canadian manufacturers.

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eBook Industry 4.0 Manufacturing on the brink in Canada - Gestisoft

Industry 4.0: Manufacturing on the Brink in Canada is for Canadian manufacturers ready to embrace digital transformation. This eBook shares a clear direction for the future that will enable Canadian manufacturers to achieve more, expand in new segments and build sustainable competitive advantages with the use of innovative digital technology, such as cloud computing, mobile computing, social media and big data and analytics.

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What We’ll Cover in this eBook

  • Defining Industry 4.0 and the external and internal factors affecting the manufacturing industry
  • How Canadian manufacturers can translate Industry 4.0 into opportunity
  • Insights into the four goals of innovation to move manufacturing forward
  • An illustration of how digital technology applied to business applications can support the four areas of innovation
  • Best practices to set a clear direction for the future
  • A self-assessment to evaluate your digital technology opportunities.

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