ERP Cloud System – 7 Key Advantages

This first article about the ERP Cloud system describes the system’s seven key advantages before talking about other aspects such as Cloud security, which will be covered in upcoming articles.

Any business, especially a SME, considering the ERP Cloud system as a management solution, will find it has the following main advantages:

  1. It has a reliable initial financial footprint. No major capital outlay, just monthly user fees.
  1. It’s flexible so it can grow with the company. As the company grows, you can add to the solution’s resources and your cost based simply on how much you use it.
  1. It’s robust. For small and mid-sized enterprises that want to become as robust as possible, all Cloud solutions are very robust and suit all your needs.
  1. It can be updated automatically and effortlessly. The infrastructure will be updated automatically in SAAS (Software as a Service) mode. Since such applications are leased, they have the advantage of always being up to date. Hosting will be included in the cost of the service, with continuous updating—a clear advantage given the fact that purchased software will eventually require a migration project that could prove costly.
  1. Its easy access makes collaboration easier. Everyone can access a Cloud By definition, it delivers applications over the Internet, so it can be accessed anywhere by anyone, with 24/7 dedicated support.
  1. It’s a money-saver compared to purchased software and infrastructures and the need for an internal IT team to manage the application. The calculation is a no-brainer for a SME. Once the threshold of 50 users has been passed, a new study can be considered, taking a second look in order to verify and justify the ROI on the Cloud, which is unnecessary for less than 50 users.
  1. It’s ecological. Like a data center serving 15,000 companies, rather than one data room per company, it considerably shrinks your ecological footprint.

Other aspects of the ERP Cloud solution will be covered in upcoming articles. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments about what has been discussed in this article, contact a Gestisoft consultant, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.


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