Dynamics 365 Fact 3 – New licensing model is easier


With Dynamics 365, Microsoft is introducing a new licensing model to simplify everyone’s life. There will be two editions of Dynamics 365, Business Edition and Enterprise Edition.

First, let’s talk about the Business Edition, which is optimised for companies under 250 employees and can include Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finances and Power Apps. The important thing to understand here is that the Business Edition version of Dynamics 365 is an online only version of the standard Dynamics NAV and CRM, that have been optimised for small businesses by refocussing the core functionalities. Consider this a lightened version if you prefer. You can subscribe to any individual App, or bundle them in the Business Edition plan.


For the larger company, that has 250 + employees, we have the Enterprise Edition, which is comprised of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM you know today, and Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 for operations. This edition includes the full features of Sales, Customer Service, Field Services, Project Services, Power Apps and Portals. You will have the option to add Adobe Cloud Marketing as an option.

The Enterprise Edition also offers two plans, Plan 1 that includes all the CRM features, and Plan 2 which adds AX 7 rebranded as Operations. It is made available both online and on premise, with dual


Think of it as telecommunication provider’s offer, if you only need to manage sales for example, you only need to subscribe to that specific app. As your organization grows, and your needs change, you can add more apps, or switch over to a plan and bundle more apps.

And if you can’t find the app that you are looking for, go to Microsoft AppSource from your Dynamics/Office 365 portal, choose an ISV App, and subscribe, just like that.




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