Dynamics 365 Fact 1 – Everything will be ok


On November 1st 2016, Microsoft announced Dynamics 365, a next generation application platform that will help your organization achieve digital transformation. This news may have caught some people by surprise, and may have left existing CRM Online subscribers wondering – “How will this impact my business and my current subscription?”

Although I am personally passionate about Microsoft, more so that I am passionate about a lot of things in my life, we all know that when a major overhaul like this happens it can be confusing, and even scary to some. After going through licensing training, assisting to various sessions with Microsoft experts and understanding the intricacies of the new model proposed by the tech giant, I come before you bearing good tides – Everything will be ok.

The new platform and business model is exciting, disruptive, simple, and makes total sense. Microsoft is a company built on the mission of ‘’empowering every single person and organisation on the planet to achieve more”, and that’s just what they have done with Dynamics 365.


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