Changing the way we work

Say goodbye to the traditional silos between your accounting and operational systems, productivity tools and CRM applications. Dynamics 365 unifies Microsoft productivity tools and business solutions into a single platform. You can grow your company faster and become a leader in your industry by harmonizing your processes, technologies, data and employee activities by harvesting the benefits of digital transformation.

For over 20 years, Gestisoft has been providing professional services covering the full spectrum of functions you will find in Dynamics 365. Our people are experts in the financial, sales, marketing, service, operations and inventory management processes. For us, Dynamics 365 is an amazing opportunity to enable organizations to achieve more.

One platform:

At the heart of Microsoft’s AZURE cloud offering, where you can already find Office 365, Power BI, Cortana and Azure IoT, Dynamics 365 delivers numerous applicational functions related to sales, field service, marketing, customer service, project management and financial processes.



Access your Data Anywhere & Anytime

Thanks to its native integration with Office 365 available in the cloud, Dynamics 365 revolutionizes your productivity. You’ll be able to reinvent how you work regardless of where you are and access your information via your Web browser, or via Windows, iOS or Android applications.

Simple and scalable

Is your company growing? Are your processes getting more complex? Is your team expanding? — Wonderful! Dynamics 365 adapts to your business context; its scalable cloud architecture can meet emerging needs and its spectrum of upgradeable functions will adapt to your situation.

Custom fit to your needs

Start with only what you need, whether it be Sales, Customer Service or Financials, why pay for features you won’t use? Dynamics 365 offers various subscription types that lets you sign up for the functions your company needs. You might also enjoy substantial savings depending on the type of use you’re looking for. The licensing model even includes a “lite” user license that provides limited functionalities that could be just what many users in your organization need.

Integrate your data with a simple click

Dynamics 365 runs on an open architecture, where a common data model enables information to flow from one application to another. Meaning that a modification made to a customer file by Sales instantly shows up everywhere else in the solution: users of the Financials or Service functions quickly benefit from that change. An order concluded on a mobile device by a field service technician is automatically processed by the central system.

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