Dynamics 365 Fact 4 – Don’t worry, we have your back


With every transition and change, we need a plan, we need guidance and support to best face the transition. Like I mentioned in my first fact, sometimes it is unclear how to transition in the change, and confusion may set in, creating an abundance of questions.

But, don’t worry, we have a plan.

Regarding the some of the questions you may have, one of the main question that may come to mind is – “When will this change take effect?”.

It depends. The switch from CRM Online to Dynamics 365 will normally take effect on your renewal date, and that date may vary whether you are a yearly direct subscriber through Office 365, or are currently going through an agreement with Microsoft, such as an Enterprise Agreement which can last up to 3 years.

Another question that will mostly come next is – “If my CRM is currently costing me ‘X’ dollars per month, today, how much will it cost tomorrow?”.

Again, it depends.

As we move to a new licensing model, you will need to revisit each of your current users and figure out what they do in CRM, which modules they need to use and to what extent. We can help you figure this out, and I recommend you contact us today, to discuss your transition.

Obviously, there are many more questions, and we will do our best to answer them all during our webcast on November 30th at 13h00 EST.




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