Data security in Microsoft Dynamics GP part 4

Management Reporter

Management Reporter uses several levels of security to:

  • Help ensure that authorized users can perform certain tasks in Management Reporter
    • Modify the building blocks that are used in reports
    • View generated reports
  • Ensure that users can view reports that they need and see only the information that is relevant to them

Levels of security

Management Reporter has the following levels of security for reports:

  • Company access
  • User roles and groups
  • Report library security
  • Reporting tree security

Company access

The highest level of security is company-level security.

  • Role of administrator:
    • can access information for all companies
  • Other roles:
    • must be granted access to each company
  • Roles of designer and generator:
    • can design or generate reports only for the companies to which they have been granted access

User roles and groups

The second highest level of security in Management Reporter is defined by user roles. Only the Administrator role can create new user accounts and assign roles.

Four roles:

  • Administrator
  • Designer
  • Generator
  • Viewer
    User roles and groups


Report library security

All reports that are generated in Management Reporter are stored in the report library.

  • Public folder of the report library can be viewed by all users
  • Other folders are restricted to only the users who are granted access to those folders
  • The structure of the report library can be customized to your needs
  • The library and its folders should be secured by specific users or user groups
    Report library security


Reporting tree security

The lowest level of security is the reporting tree. The reporting tree lets you assign a specific user or user group to a specific unit of the tree.

  • Only the specified user or user group can view the reporting unit in any report that is generated by using the reporting tree
  • To turn off reporting tree security, select the Disable unit security option in the report definition
  • If a user has access to a specific level of a reporting tree on a generated report, but does not have access to the report library folder where the report is stored, the user can access the report library folder.
    • However, the user can only view that report, and can only view the reporting units to which the user has been granted access.
      Reporting tree security