Mobility and collaboration

The rapid growth of enterprises and their expanded geographic presence involve using mobile ERP solutions to benefit from all the advantages related to performance, and the simplicity, flexibility and scalability of a totally integrated, cost-effective solution. Are you really aware of the benefits for your company?

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Distance no longer matters!

Mobile technology makes it possible, at the right time, to capture and analyze accurate data by expanding the company into locations not easily supported by desktop computers, including warehouses, shops, services in the field, and offsite sales. As organizations become increasingly spread out, remote and virtual, it is expected that business will rely increasingly on mobile solutions to ensure that ERP systems reflect operating realties.

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Mobile technologies also provide opportunities for ensuring that ERP systems generate recommendations based on timely, accurate data. In order to respect deadlines, portable bar code readers, for example, give companies the possibility of recording inventories as soon as a stock movement occurs. From the viewpoint of accuracy, mobile technologies provide opportunities to minimize data entry mistakes.

Many companies record material and labor movements on paper, then transfer that information to a system, later in the day or at the end of the business day. That type of double entry system is not only inefficient and uses batch processing, it also creates the risk of data capture mistakes.

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