Financial Management

Your business has seen the number of employees, suppliers and customers increase so much that the initial computer system can no longer keep pace with either your growth or your financial management needs.

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Management and control

Managing your revenues, limiting costs, controlling compliance and benefitting from full visibility of your resources and cash flows. Gestisoft can give companies such as yours total control over finances with its ERP solutions. Indeed, it is important to know that Gestisoft has grown up with financial management, expertise that we have gained and managed for over 17 years now.

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Our business DNA

General ledgers, accounts payable, accounts receivable, capital asset management, multiple-currency management, product disposition, capacity management, financial information and much more are part of our DNA.

We understand business. We speak finance to your financial people.
And, your ERP project will be based on the ABCs of the trade, in this case, finance.

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Contact the expert

Jocelyn Sicard

ERP Implementation Consultant