Business Intelligence

The abundance and diversity of information sources today are generating enormous volumes of data. Welcome to the era of Big Data.

Given that context, it is imperative to know how to effectively use the right information in your organization and competitive environment to better analyze trends and make strategic decisions that will guarantee consistent performance.

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At Gestisoft, we believe in the integrated management of performance using dashboards.
Today’s technologies, combined with our in-depth business knowledge and experience, mean we can help customers easily navigate through the reality of Big Data with effective business intelligence solutions, delivered in the form of dashboards integrated into your ERP system.

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Integrated approach

We use an integrated approach on all our projects to make the most of the opportunities opened up by business intelligence. That approach consists of a variety of useful activities.

Assess your company’s business intelligence needs;
Define a technology strategy around existing ERP systems, or consider a new implementation;
Configure a decision support system, supported by dashboards;
Implement a business intelligence solution integrated into your ERP system;
Define integrated performance management methods to drive continuous improvement.

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Matthieu F Giroux

Vice President ERP Practice