Marketing Automation

On your way toward marketing automation, why invest in CRM marketing tools?

Marketing is changing faster than ever. Key elements have changed over the past few years and have become game-changers in the marketing practice. First of all, customers must be involved earlier on in the purchasing process. Potential customers these days are much better informed. They work with their peers and consult their social networks to find out what is happening. Marketing managers must get their prospects involved in this process by putting their information where potential clientele can find it and by following their discussions on social networks to find out what they feel about their brand. They must also be able to track their prospects so their sales team can understand them, get to know them and pursue them.

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Plan - Execute - Measure

More than ever, marketing experts must be able to easily plan, execute and measure campaigns from start to finish. Marketing directors want marketing tools that help them plan and conduct major marketing campaigns that give them a picture of the impact of their activities, and the possibility to optimize mixed marketing to generate the greatest possible impact on their company.

A changing world

The industry of marketing improvement solutions (also called Marketing Automation) is in transition. It is now necessary to work with people who are familiar with the marketing solution industry, normally connected to a CRM solution, as well as people familiar with the marketing practice, who will be able to understand your reality, your challenges and your issues.

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