Business Intelligence and CRM

Today’s organizations are able to store immense amounts of data on customers, business transactions, products, partners, competitors, etc. So how do you extract from that imposing mass of data all the secret knowledge that can be leveraged to support decision making? That is the purpose of business intelligence (BI): a response to existing needs for decision making information, and such needs include customer relationship management, thus the importance of integrating reflective thinking about your business intelligence needs into your CRM project.

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Towards an overall understanding

It will definitely be important to have an overall understanding of the customer (360° Customer View), but even more important is knowing how to make your data speak so they can be used to make relevant decisions and perform the right actions to generate tangible benefits.

Improve the customer acquisition and conversion rate via profiling and customer segmentation;
Shorten the sales cycle;
Enhance the customer experience and quality of service to the customer;
Increase profitability by analyzing customers in detail;
Discover new business opportunities.

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An intelligent solution

Business intelligence in your company, via a CRM solution, should make it possible to achieve one or more of the above-mentioned objectives. We understand business and technology, so it is only natural that we talk about business intelligence together!

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